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Sabotage on the Eurostar Express !

Des élèves en section européenne, sous la direction de leur professeur d’anglais Samantha Lawson, ont écrit et joué une comédie loufoque tout en anglais.

Pour voir les photos du spectacle, cliquez ici

One day whilst sitting quietly in his study at 221a Baker Street, Detective Hemlock Soames is contacted by a mysterious character who warns him that the 4.45 Eurostar train from Paris to London will be sabotaged. He immediately rushes over to the Gare du Nord in order to carry out his enquiry. Having disguised himself as a ticket collector, he boards the threatened train. Is the criminal among the ill-assorted European passengers in the various carriages ? Or could it be the depressed and depressing driver of the train ? The more eccentric the characters he meets, the more difficult his task becomes… How will he solve the mystery ? Will he, in fact, manage to foil the plans of the evil saboteur ?

The Queen and her corgi dogs : how relevant is this ?

    Scene 1 – In the Detective’s Study

    Scene 2 – At the Gare du Nord

    Scene 3 - The misunderstood Europeans’ compartment

    Scene 4 – The fantastically French family

    Scene 5 – In the Driver’s cabin

    Scene 6 – The Lonely Hearts

    Scene 7 – The Famous People’s compartment

    Scene 8 – The finale in the Restaurant Car

a true Brit mystery

Starring, in order of appearance :

Anna Verbaere : Detective Hemlock Soames, often disguised as a ticket collector

Julie Guillermin : Heike, a grumpy German woman & Lady Bracknell

Lily Chrostowski : Stacey, a Lady Diana fan & Alice in Wonderland

Margot Sulvic : Rebecca, a psychologist & The Mad Hatter

David Chabert : Rastikovovoskiovitch Semiovivitch & Gollum

Chloé Lhardy : Hortense-Odile & Wicked Stepmother

Camille Rousseau : Philibert & Peter Pan

Victor Franzini : Raoul & Sherlock Holmes

Agnes Kayser : The Train Driver & Mary Poppins

Arthur Delicque : The Androgyne & Darth Vader

Marilou Grelier : Geranium, a fervent ecologist & Zorro

Luc Henri : Father Christmas & Harry Potter

Jack Burlet : James Bond

Vinciane Martin : Snow White

Amaury Geslin : William Tell

K9 Barker : A faithful Corgi

Thank you to all those who have lent us props, including such diverse items as a Darth Vader laser sword, a smart suit, an empty vodka bottle, hats and even (Gollum’s) knickers !

With all our thanks to the technical, teaching and administrative staff of François Couperin whose help has been vital.