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Voyage Canada 2019

« Our Canada trip 2019 »

Un groupe d’élèves de Terminale L accompagnés de  leurs professeurs Mme Lucain et Mme Cuzner ont passé 6 jours magnifiques à Toronto.

“We went to Toronto for 6 days. On the first day, we saw Niagara Falls, with all the birds and the rainbows. It was mesmerizing.

On the second day, we did the CN Tower, which is 553 meters high!

On the third day, we saw Chinatown, AGO (the Art Gallery of Ontario) and in the evening, we went to see an ice-hockey match (such fun!).

On the fourth day, we wandered in the distillery district, a brick-colored neighborhood and in Ripley’s aquarium.

On the fifth day, we sailed to Toronto Island to see the giant lake and then we came back to see the museum of Ontario where we learned the story of the Innuits and discovered Chinese architecture.

On the last day, we were allowed to go wherever we wanted in the city so with my friends we did vintage shops with a friend we met there and then we went back to our homestay families to pack.  

Overall, the families were very sweet to us, we got on well with them and the trip was crowned by the quality of the moments we spent there. “

Romane ( Terminale L)

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