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La Section Européenne Anglaise du Lycée François Couperin présente une pièce de théâtre


Présentation des anciennes pièces de Théâtre par la Section Européenne Anglaise …

Or The tale of the vertically-challenged person of female gender wearing a garment of an unusual cut and of a surprisingly bright colour and how she tried to escape the clutches of a lupine individual with a predatory attitude to people of the female gender….

Characters in order of appearance

Little Red Riding Hood, also known as Rosy :   Maïa Pelous

Ms Angela Carter. The feminist writer :          Amandine Heit

The Storyteller. Ysmay :                             Capucine Mariette

Charles Perrault :                                       Alice Coisne

The Brothers Grimm :                                  Ilana Mimoun

Rosy’s Mother. Scarlett :                             Magalie Da Silva

Mr Wolf :                                                  Clara Annani

The Grandmother :                                     Magalie Da Silva

The Woodcutter :                                      Alice Coisne

The Four washerwomen :                            Alice, Ilana, Amandine and Magalie

Sound, stage manager, prompter :                Charlotte Breuil

With all our thanks to the personnel of Couperin who made this performance possible.

With a special thank you to Madame Damarzit for designing the wonderful poster!